How Your Data Is Being Used



So, if you are like anyone else on Facebook, you probably did the 10 year challenge without even blinking an eye.  It’s for fun, right?  Well, if you are like me, you would think that the 10 year challenge is a way for Facebook, scammers, police enforcement and just about any other company to collect data using facial recognition algorithms on age progression and age recognition.

Now only that, but half of the stuff that folks do on social media can be seen as a way of marketing schemes to collect data on it’s audience to best determine how to get you to buy or use their product/service.   When you click an ad on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you give that platform very important information.  You might not even know this, but when you pass a billboard on the highway, that billboard is collecting data of you through your smartphone.

For people to even complain about Facebook selling data or data breaches, for that matter, is ridiculous, simply because you are giving Facebook the data in the first place! No one is telling you that you need to give your date of birth, your most recent photos, check-in to places, and so forth.  No one is forcing you to tell Twitter what you think about this, or post that picture of you eating sushi for the first time on Instagram.  The only person doing all of this is YOU!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all public forums.  Yes, you can have your account as “private,” but the platform is still collecting your data whether your profile is public or private.   What it comes down to is not giving out so much information.  These sites won’t know what they know if you don’t tell them!

Be careful what you post.  Be careful about what you say. It can always come back to bite you later on.