Big Boy Season In Full Effect

These guys have had it going on all season long, but the one pet peeve, the no-no in fashion is the fact that they are wearing dress shoes without socks… and they don’t look like they are wearing no-show socks either.
You should not wear dress shoes without socks- here are the reasons:

1) Your feet contain more sweat glands than any other part of your body, causing your feet to produce a great deal of sweat. When wearing no socks with dress shoes, this moisture will accumulate and cause your dress shoes to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Warm, damp, and dark environments like this allow for the growth of bacteria that causes fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Wearing a quality pair of socks with dress shoes will allow your feet to stay comfortable, dry and healthy.

2) The development of bacteria in your dress shoes will also cause them to smell. This stench is unpleasant and extremely hard to remove from your shoes once it has developed.

3) Without wearing socks, excessive moisture in your dress shoes will cause the leather to prematurely wear. Given that your dress shoes are likely the most expensive shoes in your closet, be sure to always wear socks with them. Or try the no-show sock look.