There are simply 3 rules that everyone should follow when going out on a date or starting a relationship.  Below are the three rules that work, if you follow them.

RULE 1: Never EVER get yourself involved in a relationship with a man who is newly divorced. He is still grieving the relationship himself & trying to sort out feelings. The worse thing to do is get hung up on a man who will be looking out for himself. ( The same goes for men – don’t date a newly divorced woman, especially one with children. She needs to focus on herself and the kids, not on trying to date someone at this time.)

RULE 2: Know your worth. Most women forget about this one and feel that they aren’t worth it without a man. That’s when you settle for less than you deserve. You allow people to treat you the way they do. Love will come to you, when you learn to love yourself, first and foremost. You can’t depend on anyone else to value you, if you don’t value yourself and who you truly are!

RULE 3: In any relationship there needs to be trust and honesty. When there isn’t you don’t have a relationship at all. You are just 2 people in the same room.

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