If you watch my Periscope video casts, you know how much I enjoy reading dating groups on Facebook. Today, I posted the above on a the dating groups and then sadly the desperate and  pathetic “girls” ( not women) showed themselves and posted the following comments under the picture:

“Yes I have naked pics for you at my Facebook profile.”

“I am looking for a date for the weekend. Check out my profile and drop me a message, if you like what you see.”

“Sent me a friend request and you can see my naked pics.
Who wants to chat with me?”

“I´m hot and Single *smile*. Please sent me a friend request, if you are single.”

Why are women today acting like complete and utter dumb asses on these dating groups? They trade respect for attention.  But sadly the only attention they are going to gain are those guys who are losers, guys who could be sexual predators, and guys who won’t, under any circumstances respect them.

This is what people don’t get, still to this day.  Respect given to you is a reflection on how you respect yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, others will walk all over you. People will treat you however you let them.  By all means, I want women to value themselves, their voice, body and their dreams. But that doesn’t mean parading around wearing a “pussyhat” screaming vulgar things either- that only lowers people’s respect for you. If you are demanding respect, you need to remember that it is better to be respected than to be popular. It’s always better to stand out, not to be a sheep in the crowd “just because.”

The moment you settle for less than you deserve is the moment you get even less than what you settled for. Too bad most people who use that dating group on Facebook seem to forget the following: Never spend your life seeking to be accepted.  Instead seek inside yourself and learn to accept who you are. If you have to gain a guy’s attention by saying that you have “naked pics” all you are inviting is trouble and heartbreak. Insecurity breeds insecurity.

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