I hate to put the brakes on this #metoo movement but this isn’t a movement that is going to get actual results. Let’s take a look at the opposing side, shall we? First of all, all these women coming out, they’re not showing courage and strength; courage and strength would’ve been coming out at the moment it happened while they put their self respect and their self-worth ahead of their careers. Also, do they think that this is actually going to help them in the long run? No it’s not.

Have you ever heard of having an office romance? Well you can kill that now because all men in the office are going to be afraid of having any sort of romantic relationship with any woman in the office. Also imagine having a meeting with an executive if you are a woman. Now if you want have a meeting with an executive you’re not going to be alone with that that executive if he’s a man. He’s going to have a bunch of people in that office because he’s going to be deathly afraid that you were going to then come out 20 years later and say that he sexually harassed you.

When you’re drunk and he’s drunk guess what? it’s not a #metoo moment, it’s two people doing something stupid moment. It’s not being sexually harassed or sexually abused or actually assaulted because you know you’re drunk. No, it’s sorry you made a mistake. When you are drunk you don’t have all your facilities ( your brain) working. You can’t drive, can’t walk a straight line, and can’t remember crap. Do sober women get raped by drunk guys? Yes. But that’s not the story we are hearing now, is it?

So this week on Twitter someone started that trending topic of why I didn’t reported. Sorry I don’t believe you because all you’re looking for is attention, followers and people to join your pity party. You should’ve come out and report is it happen when it happens not when it all of a sudden convenient for you. That’s not how society works and is not how it should work. #WhyIDidn’tReport Sorry your pity party train is being derailed. Sure, I’m going to believe you as you tweeted it on Twitter. I guess I’ve had many, many #metoo moments then if I count all the guys who have DM’ed me their junk looking for quick hook-ups. Or the men who catcall me while jogging.

Here are responses from people on social media that keep being written time and time again during this #metoo movement with Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and the difference between them and Kavanaugh:

1- “I agree that if he is guilty he should pay for his crime, but what I don’t understand is why wait 30 or 40 years to report it? It makes know sense to me!”

2- “I really believe he didn’t do anything wrong I mean why would you wait 30 to 40 years to come forward? These ladies wanted attention… u waited 30-40 years to say something?? And u believe it?? What proof do they have?”

3- “Those women laid with him for a better career now that he is filthy rich they want cash in with rape after those many years!! Why wait sooo many yrs to then speak?”

While there was no physical evidence in the Cosby case(s), he did admit to giving Constand pills, which corroborated the stories of his other victims. Over the course of four days of questioning, Cosby admitted to acquiring Qualuudes, a powerful sedative, to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex.

If Kavanaugh admitted he went to the party but didn’t do anything or that it was consensual like Cosby admitted, then we can make the comparison. However, Kavanaugh has numerous character witnesses that attest to his good conduct and all of the accusers so far have not provided any details as to when/where/why/how. It came out of nowhere!

Here’s what Dr.Christine Blasey Ford said “My best estimate of how this COULD of happened.”

A victim who believes herself would say “DID” happen not could. And another quote, “I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t remember as much as I would like to.” Also, an observation: If that was me I wouldn’t be reading from a script. it would be coming from the heart. But she has her doctorate in psychology so she knows exactly how to play the role. And if she feels it’s her civic duty to come forward now, she would have told it before today, like when Kavanaugh went to law school.

Not all women are believing her. Take this woman’s statement: “As an actual victim I find her disgusting. How dare she use sexual assault for political reasons.

The difference between the #metoo movement and the #WhyIDidntReport hashtag is simple. Anybody can say anything on social media does that make it true and does it make it a fact? No it doesn’t. just because I can write on social media that I was abused 20 years ago doesn’t make it true! Everybody is becoming so naïve and believing everything that people are writing, when there’s no facts behind what people are saying, they’re just words they’re not actions that go along with it.

I can come up with my own. I was 15 and this guys that worked with one of my parents he took me in a closet and he actually assaulted me and he told me that if I said anything he was going to kill my family that’s why I didn’t report it. So would you believe that if I tweeted that? Would you believe that if I post that on Facebook? It’s just words it sounds horrible but does that make it true!

So are all women supposed to “stick together?” Not necessarily. Women are like any other people. They are not always angels. There are many women who will compete with you and not play according to the rules. This is not a perfect world. Behind every successful woman is another woman jealous of her success. As a female I hate how women are just being thrown into the conversation to show, “oh look, we’re progressing!” No, we’re not. It’s an insult to women to just throw them a bone and say, “Oh, we’re progressing, we believe in women and we believe women can have high powering jobs!”

Sure, I know women are smart and I know women can do a great job at being anything they want to be. But let the women earn it.

If that is the one lesson that we all can learn from #MeToo, then I hope most learn it. Remember, respect is earned, not a given.  You need to respect yourself first and foremost if you ever want someone else to reciprocate that respect.  I hope in 2019, the media makes a woman famous for expanding her mind, not her breasts, nor coming out 40 years later to tear down someone just for politics sake.

3 thoughts on “Why The #WhyIDidntReportIt Makes Women Look Weak

  1. I am guessing I am older than you. I can totally understand why women would not report. If it would have been me, my parents would not believed me. If they did they wouldn’t have wanted to go to the police. They would have blamed me. I would have read newspaper reports of the justice system not following up on rapes involving higher profile individuals, of the police not actually making a report, then it turns out the individual rapes again.
    I don’t think a woman’s drunkenness negates whether a claim of rape is legitimate. My sister was drunk in her apartment and was raped by a friend of her boyfriends. Sure she shouldn’t drink at all. But she was in her home minding her own business. Of course she didn’t report.


    1. Here is the point that I see most missing: It’s amazing that all these ‘sexual assault survivors’ who supposedly just couldn’t, because they were too traumatized, too afraid, too victimized to, report their assaults to the proper authorities but they have no problem marching down the middle of the road yelling about it, going on national television to shout it out to strangers or corner some guy who has absolutely nothing to do with her assault and scream in his face? Here’s a fact: The ONLY person who should be punished for a sexual assault is the person who committed the sexual assault. They don’t get to beat others over the head with their ‘victim’ card. While we can all sympathize for their pain it gives them no special privileges.


      1. They certainly have the right to demonstrate for their cause just like other groups do. They can do interviews on TV, just like others do with their causes.


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