In this last decade 2010-2019- was a preschool teacher for about six of those years.  These last six years were the most satisfying out of my nineteen years. ( I also taught other age groups as well)  When you teach as long as I have, you really do become a lot more patient, a lot more loving, and you realize that life is about grooming the next generation – it’s not about you.

I have had some really awesome families in my life as a school teacher.  I have met some really terrific children in my years as a teacher as well.  All the children brought me joy, love, and tons of adventures everyday!

I can tell you personally, that when I ever was having a tough time in my life, just getting to go to work and see their cute little faces, and get their remarkable hugs always made everything better.

Kids are a gift to us.  They teach us so many things. They teach us about love, patience, compassion, risks, trail and error, victory, defeat and they teach us that the best way to be is to be ourselves.

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