First thing is first, lets finish the fashion segment from the podcast on the best dressed NY Ranger from 2016 team and basically the guy who every player that wears the jersey competes with: Henrik Lundquist:

No matter what Henrik wears he looks DAMN FINE! And he NEVER wears the same suit twice… or at least he waits a while before he wears it! Look at him in jeans! Trendy, Chic and Comfortable! He is AMAZING!


Here is the link for today’s podcast: CLICK HERE

IN the podcast I rate Ryan Lindren’s Facial Hair since it is ALWAYS a topic of conversion:

Now let me state that I am NOT a girl who likes a guy with facial EXCEPT for Ryan Lindgren. How he pulled that magic, I have NO clue!

FAVORITE Look – Just a little rough on the face… looks DAMN hot!

Has a little facial on him… not over the top… but here he looks MIGHTY fine!

This was the mustache that everyone was in love with. I probably have a better picture but I love the shirt he’s wear in this picture, so there’s that too! This was pretty DAMN AWESOME!

This was my least favorite but DAMN… He was one hell of a SEXY beast. He pulled this off tremendously! Not too many athletes or men can do that!

DATING segment

The best advice I could ever give about dating someone is what I am about to say. Like I have said in the past, I stay out of telling people if they should or shouldn’t date someone because I don’t live with that decision but THEY do. So here it is:

If you ask a friend if you should date someone you obviously have feelings for that person & are trying to come up an excuse not to ask him/her because that feeling scares you and guys don’t like feeling that way. They want to feel in control and they don’t like feeling as if they are being vulnerable. Especially since we “groom” men not to show emotion and how “tough” they need to be all the time. But this is the wrong way to think! We need to teach boys that it is OK to feel something. It’s OK to show emotions. Actually, as much as I say I want a tough dude and a guy who has warrior mentality, I also want a guy who shows me his vulnerability from time to time. Hey, I show mine.

Moral of the story: always go with your heart it’s trying to lead you to happiness- ignore your head it leads to pain later on in life since it plays tricks on you. Your heart will always tell you which way to go- listen to it.


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