Why I Won’t Be Watching The Oscars Tomorrow Night

All year long, celebrities crave attention. No matter where they go or what they do, it’s always about them. Usually at Oscar time, we have to watch them give speeches about how hard it was making a particular movie. But now instead we have to watch them give speeches hating on the President, all because they are sore losers. Yes, it’s that dreaded time of year: award season. And to top it all off, Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel says Hillary Clinton may be making a cameo appearance at the award show to tickle the fancy of the little snowflakes.

Awards shows are NOT the place to voice your political opinions. Has it ever occurred to these selfish and ignorant Hollywood elites that maybe America would like a break from politics and be entertained NOT lectured?

I for one, will be boycotting the Oscars. #NotMyOscars

When the Hollywood elites open up their guest or pool houses to a refugee family, then I will listen to what they have to say. Simply talking about it or writing a check from their million dollar homes is meaningless. Celebrities have thousands at their elite parties and their celebrity chef prepared dinners and yet they NEVER give any of that to the illegal aliens they claim to want sanctuary given too — they only want them to be their servants, to mow their lawns, clean their houses, be nannies to their kids, and serve their wine. There’s nothing worse than racism and sexism cloaked in kindness.  Here’s the definition of a Hypocrite: The celebrities will start whining about all the refugees in their speeches and how this country was founded while they are wearing a dress or suit that sells for thousands of dollars and famous designer jewelry worth even more. And what’s even worse is, all these elites will give a big speech about hate, when they are ones doing the hating! We don’t need Hollywood but Hollywood needs us, and right now, I just don’t care anymore.  

So here in a nutshell is my advice to the Hollywood Elites for tomorrow: Smile, accept your professional accolades and get off the damn stage and your political high horses. Donald Trump is the President. Accept it and move on. Stop acting like a big baby because you didn’t get your way. Put on your big boy and girl pants and show some respect for the Office of the President. Be the example for the fans who put you in your position of fame by going to your movies in the first place.

Hollywood used to be glamorous and everyone wanted to be a movie star. After hearing and seeing all these stars over the past year, not anymore.