If you need truth about online dating sites,  scientific facts that explains relationships, dating advice,  more conversation about women’s issues, tips for men or tips on social media, look no further, Stephanie’s got you covered! 💋

It wasn’t until she was bullied on Twitter, by the guy whom she wanted to date, that opened the doors for her to write about relationships, social media, and online dating.  Her books, “Sex, Lies and Twitter,” and the follow-up, “Victim No More,” address such issues as well as what to do if you are cyber-bullied. Her next book, “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid?” is up for book of the year for Writer’s Digest and The Library Association of Rockland

Stephanie has also written a fiction mini-series, called, “My Tiara Is Giving Me A Headache” which will become her first fiction novel, “Untouched” being released in August 2016.

Join Stephanie here for her weekly posts and links that demonstrate her sassy, raw, controversial, and to the point writing has captured the minds, hearts and even souls of millions worldwide.

Welcome and buckle up!

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