Here’s a profile I found on a dating site. People don’t get it.

1) If you are happy with your life right now, why are you on here?

2) If you aren’t desperate or looking for someone to complete you, again, you are on here for what then?

3) Credit score of 800? His butt looks good in jeans and he can look very GQ? Plus he mentions that he is great with kids. All a ploy to start pulling the heartstrings of a very desperate woman.



Hey…welcome to my profile. Pretty happy with my life right now. Have a strong network of friends and family and interests to keep me busy…so I’m not here because I’m desperate or lonely looking for someone to “complete me”. I’m also self sufficient and well organized so I’m not looking for a “mother figure” either. I’m just a hard working man who’s butt looks great in jeans and I can look quite GQ when I throw on a three piece. My ability to make people laugh…especially when they needed it the most, has always been my greatest strength. I give a great massage, am a great conversationalist and a really good dancer. I also have a credit score close to 800. 🙂 Not bad, huh? Oh…I can cook, juggle and play the guitar, too. Also great with kids. My nieces and nephews will attest to that. How bout them apples? You will find me to be very “down to earth” and a versatile playmate. Anyway, if you are seeking a man with very little baggage…then your search is over. 🙂

Again, Get yourself off the clearance rack called online dating. Falling in love, JUST HAPPENS. You can’t force yourself to fall.

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