I have been researching dating sites all over the internet. Some promote them on Facebook while others promote them on Twitter and Google+.  Even some dating sites have started using Instagram.

As I was doing some hardcore research I saw a young girl, guessing in her 20’s, posing on a motorcycle with the caption:

Send me pics fellas
I might ride you like I do my bike…if you’re man enough to handle me
my number is 1-9*5-2**-3696…don’t keep me waiting

Seriously, this is HOW desperate and dumb this generation has become?

First mistake: Asking for pictures which you know will be sexual

Second mistake: Making a sexual reference

Third mistake: Posting her phone number for the entire world to see.

Online dating sites LOVE these type of people! As someone tweeted me, ” The dating sites love self-destructive people, because they make great customers as they chase away person after person. Dating sites provide a fall back for the attention-starved. Why work it out when there’s another “match” waiting online?”

I’ve been saying that since day one. If you really want love remember, they call it falling in love because you JUST fall. You don’t FORCE yourself to trip.

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