There’s a lot of new terms that have been popping up on social media lately.  So let’s learn what they are and what they mean:

1- Submarining

There’s more to modern-day dating terms than just ghosting and catfishing. Here is some new and unique millennial dating lingo that people are using to describe their dating situations that you should know.

2- Breadcrumbing

Breadcrumbing is when someone leaves proverbial breadcrumbs for someone through actions like texts or Instagram likes. It gives just enough attention to keep someone interested without having to commit fully.

3- Benching

Athletes aren’t the only ones who can be benched — this term essentially means someone that you are interested in is keeping you in their dating rotation, while they continue to play the field. They know they can keep coming back to you, but don’t have any interest in committing 100%.

4- Kittenfishing

Many of us are familiar with catfishing, where a person physically poses as an entirely different individual online than they are in reality. People who kittenfish will post photos of themselves on their profile, but usually have heavy editing, are several years old, or they may lie about things such as their height or job.

These terms you will mostly see the younger generation use, but for the most part the ideas in each aren’t new.  Don’t fall for phrases that are made up online- as there are plenty such as, hopscotching, glazing, shareholding and bleating.

My advice?  Don’t get hooked on stupid terms.  Don’t get in to a relationship just because everyone else is and don’t get into a relationship just please others.
The #goal is not to GET into a relationship but the goal is to BE in a relationship. When you love and accept yourself finding a partner that appreciates you won’t be hard. You won’t stand for anything else.




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