Behind the scenes, I love judgmental clichés, because they allow me to instantly filter out people who think in black and white. Life isn’t black and white. It’s grey. Here are some profiles that drive me crazy… starting with women:

  • Profiles that begin with “I’m divorced.”

    So… being divorced describes you in a nutshell? You want a man who has all his ducks in a row, but the first thing about yourself that you want the world to know is that you come from a failed marriage?

    My mom knows Larry Bird’s sister-in-law. (Apparently one of the most annoying people ever.) Larry Bird’s sister-in-law always introduces herself as “Hi, I’m Larry Bird’s sister-in-law,” and then her name.

    FYI Two recent presidents of the United States were raised by single mothers.

Another stupid thing to put in your dating profile:

“You must have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.”

That’s cool. Nothing against that. I’m a Christian myself. But if you have such a profound relationship with Jesus, why do you have three children by three different fathers and have never been married once?

How about this one?

” Must be close to your family”

What if this is my family? I have together my shit got, but they have not. How close should I get?

Another favorite of mine is: “must have shit together”

There are stupid things I see daily on EVERY dating app out there. So here are my top 5:

Stupid Thing #1) “No drama” – Thank Heaven you put that out there; I never would’ve have known!! Swiping left..

Stupid Thing #2) “I’m BAaacckkk!”Thank God you got recycled back into the pool (again): it just wasn’t the same here without you! Swiping left, faster…

Stupid Thing #3) “I love my kids” – Yay, here’s your Father of the Year Award and your Mr. Roger’s Dad Sweater… This is a waste of space: even John Wayne Gacy loved his fu*ing kids… next!

Stupid Thing #4) “Just looking!”Newsflash, Dumbass: That’’s what EVERYONE on these sites are doing!

Stupid Thing #5) “[If you wanna know] Just ask”– So, you’re a lazy, conversationally empty vacuum that can’t put forth any effort. Okay, I’m not shaving my legs, but I’ll happily use you for a free dinner… Nope, not even for a good steak with blue cheese crumbles…

BONUS: Stupid Thing #6) The one that used to make me want to say…really? Where they mention long walks. I have never liked long walks anywhere… on the beach, shopping, malls or any place else. I don’t like woods or forests or deserted islands either. I don’t like desert walks, snow walks or river walks. Walks? Walks to where? And why are we walking?

These are the profiles that keep people binge-watching Netflix…

Just say it, you want a man with a big checking account. The only plainer English than that is:

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